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The Key to Happiness

Seems as though many people are chasing the happiness bug. That can be a dangerous thing. It can lead us to some disappointing places, like harmful marriages, overwhelming debt, and sometimes even physical illness.

For example, Ginny at thirty nine years old has yet to find true love. Finding Mr. Right she thinks, will make her happy. So she rushes into a marriage without really knowing much about whom, it is she is marrying. The next thing she knows, she is calling the abuse hotline looking for help. (I do not use this example lightly. God does not want any woman to be abused. If you are being abused. Get out as soon as possible! You can do it with God's help!)

Next, Ned is wanting to become the next millionaire entrepreneur. His "big deal" just fell through and he is out a million dollars. He is feeling hopeless as he contemplates his future. What will he do to get out of debt?

Lastly, Chrissy is overweight. She stands in the mirror, looking at the fat on her body. She walks each day two miles, yet only loses a pound or two at best. She wants to be skinny. That, she thinks, will make her happy. So she stops eating, becoming ill with anorexia.

See how the enemy of our souls will take a simple desire to be happy and twist it into something we never signed up for? It happens!

To know true happiness we need only turn to the one who made