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A Vote for Wisdom

This past week our mid-term elections were held. I joined many others in my community taking my place at the polling station. I walked in, gave my address and proceeded to one of the many metal stalls that lined the wall. With my huge ballot in hand, I settled into one. I connected the lines on my chosen candidates and fed my ballot into the starving machine that gobbled it up when I was done.

I realize I am lending just an itty-bitty portion to the millions of voters that will decide which candidates will work for us. While my vote may not count for much, it does count. I’m know I am making very important decisions in how I vote. The elected are the people who are going to shape and mold our country.

The problem in voting is all the mud slinging that happens before election day. A candidate may have made some poor decisions. Those mistakes are magnified on nightly TV. Perhaps they support someone you don’t, that too will be made clear for all to see. How does anyone make a wise decision when it comes to choosing rightly in voting and in life? There is a way.

God’s word says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...” Psalm 111:10 “The fear” is “yir’ah’ in Hebrew. It means A.) fear or terror, B.) awesome or terrifying (object causing fear) C.) fear (of God), respect, reverence, piety D.) revered. I think definition “C” & “D” sums it up nicely…the beginning of wisdom starts with a “fear” or respect and reverence for God.

So, how does that work? Well, if I am in awe of my God, I respect and revere Him, I am going to spend my time getting to know Him. I am going to know, through His living word, what is important to Him. I am going to be like-minded, “be holy as He is Holy.” 1Pet.1:16 In other words I may temporarily live in this world but I am heavenly minded. The things that God would approve of or disapprove of, I do as well. Because He dwells in me I am going to be in sync with Him.

Do you remember back in the day when Hot Wheels were all the rage? My little brother had a race track that was quite a big deal. He would spend all kinds of time carefully piecing the track together. When it was done, he set his car on the track and with no power, save gravity, that little car zoomed along the twists and turns of the track. This is what it is like to fear the Lord. The Holy Spirit is the driving force that moves us, but it all starts somewhere.