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A Place of Refuge

By Ronald Bernier, Master Builder Ministries, Fall River, MA

This afternoon, I was sitting quietly and praying in a covered porch on the back of my son’s house. The grandchildren went outside to play in the rain until the thunderstorm got too close. In the midst of the storm was a great calm fresh breeze and peace that I was experiencing in my protected place. While I could smell the freshness of the rain, I continued in a gentle conversation with the Lord.

It reminded me of the message that I spoke two weeks ago about entering the rest of the Lord. For much of Israel they never experienced the peace He had promised. They did not mix the Word of the Lord with faith. But there is a peace to be entered into for the people of God.

Isaiah described the benefit of coming through the spirit of judgment and burning (forgiveness and discipleship) and how the Lord would establish above every dwelling place a covering over all His glory.

“And there will be a tabernacle for shade in the daytime from the heat, for a place of refuge, and for a shelter from storm and rain.” Isaiah 4:6

I am sure that some were caught off guard in this storm, as we all have been in some times of our lives. Rather than being in a boat fighting the stormy conditions or struggling through any path of our own choosing, there is a place of shelter that we can experience. The Lord has a place of covering for His glory. Through faith we can experience calm and protection in the midst of storms. May His blessings be showered upon you. May His still soft still voice be heard in that place.

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