Offer Food

If you are a food retailer,  farmer,

restaurant, or other food service provider:

Please consider donating to us. Everyday thousands of pounds of food is wasted and ends up in our city landfills instead of on the plate in front of someone who is in need. By partnering with us, together we can change that.


If you are a food pantry or soup kitchen:

Let us know how we can help each other. By working collectively with local agencies we can save food, fight hunger and better

serve the needs in our local community.  

Pet Food Pantry

Food insecurity is at an all time high. Many individuals and families have been forced to choose between food or heat, food or rent, and even food or medical expenses.

These are all decisions that no one should ever have to make. As tough as all these decisions are, we have found the community that we serve has had an even more heart breaking decision to make. Many families who utilize our Food Pantry have been faced with the decision: feed themselves, or feed their pets?

Many people have been forced into surrendering their pets to shelters because they cannot afford to feed them. That's where we can help.

We are currently accepting pet food donations of any type and any pet related items.

Gates of Hope Inc.

112 Flint St 

Fall River, Ma


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